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Festival-goers carry portable shrines, marching through Sensoji Temple during the annual Sanja Festival in Tokyo's Asakusa district on Saturday. The festival is one of the major Shinto festivals in the city.

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Someday wanna carry a portable shrine on my shoulder at Sanja Festival!(^^)!

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This picture sums up everything that is the opposite of fun.

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ceremony is the merest husk of faith and loyalty; It is the beginning of all confusion and disorder.

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I don't think "festival-goers" carried the mikoshi (portable shrine) ..aren't they "ujiko" (parishoners) ?

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@theinterstat LOL just what i was thinking, and it sucks even more when its the middle of summer, 50,000 people all crammed together in the stinking hot sun, pure excitement

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Wow I wish I knew about it. That would have been great to see!

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When no packed in the metro system, packed in the street...!

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