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Visitors crowd to see blooming cherry blossoms at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Tuesday.

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No thank you. How anyone could 'enjoy' that is beyond me.

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I did it once at Ueno Park...and it was the last time...no more.

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You are referring to hanami aren't you?

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I have to agree with @smithinjapan and @elbowroom. I checked it out last year, and it was a jostling mess, just like a rush-hour train. There are too many other places to enjoy the blossoms that are far away from the maddening crowds.

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Chidorigafuchi and Koganei parks are just as good,

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Ha-ha. They're packed like sardines. And back in these days, I found most of the people in Ueno park enjoy drinking sake rather than sakura trees. And, yes, I'm sure they still enjoy booze, seeing cherry trees aside. LOL.

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@Christopher Glen...yes "it"was ohanami...

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That's what the Yoyogi gate in Harajuku station looked like on Sunday all day. It was insane!

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blooming cherry blossom!

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Why be jammed and crammed into such a crowded place when there are so many other beautiful places to eat, drink, and look at the blossoms??

There are a few gorgeous trees and blossoms around the corner from my house, at the nearby park, along the river and up on the hillside.

Maybe people in Tokyo have gotten so used to being crammed into the trains that they don't mind transferring that awful experience to their hanami.

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Haha love that signage right smack in the middle, foreign tourists might not catch the drift.....

Buy looking at that sea of inhumanity they would likely get swept along fine LOL!!

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