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Wow! Absolute wow.

I'm watching a wheelchair table tennis game right now between Japan's Minami and S. Korea's Cha and they looks so casual and laid back hitting the ball back and forth to each other. It's kind of refreshing not to see that extreme yelling and shouting after each point.

Looking forward to watching wheelchair rugby tonight.

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Amazing to be able to play table tennis at all with no arms. I'm looking forward to the wheelchair diving and blind shooting tomorrow.

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Yep worth every minute, the photo, flash bang wallop, what a picture, what a photograph.

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Mr K that's a sense of humor that has got me into all sorts of hassle, think it but, think twice about posting.

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The power of human endurance. Many other animals might lay down and die, but these athletes display the resiliency of mankind.

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This Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games is a gold medal winner, if only this pandemic can be contained.

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Table tennis is the most fast paced sport there is.

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It is almost more interesting to watch the Paralympic the way they compete because the way they accomplish things is truly amazing! And for real Olympians to give excuses for not participating makes me more in awe about the Paralympians. The Paralympic is definitely inspiring. It shows how one should NEVER GIVE UP! Just like the motto of the Olympics since 1924. My salute to the Paralympic! It is inspiring. It is hopeful.

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