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Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, 68, waves during a press conference to promote the DVD release of his film "Celebration Day" in Tokyo on Tuesday. The film is about the band's 2007 concert at London's 02 Arena.

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I hope the reporters at this press conference got the memo ahead of time: Do NOT ask questions about another potential reunion in the future. On a side note, that man right there is the greatest living rock guitarist.

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Here's a vid of young Jimmy when he was filled with dreams and ambition. Little did he know he would become one of the greatest guitarists EVER.


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Haven't seen Jimmy in years. He sure looks different from what I remember.

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Member of one of the greatest bands ever.

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Yup, Jimmy's awesome.

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Haven't seen Jimmy in years. He sure looks different from what I remember.

Yup, he is older. Bit like looking in the morror from time to time.

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Thanks for the link. Young James is so cute...

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One of the greatest guitarists. Got to watch so many Zeppelin concerts.

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But you have to call them "se' pu-rin" in Japan or no one will understand what you're talking about.

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The music shops in Nishi Shinjuku don't like it when he hits Japan. He always takes an afternoon to go round them all with a big box picking up every bootleg copy he can find and walking out.

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still my most played band according to my winamp player stats.

@zichi - you lucky old bugger!

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Best rock band ever. Best drummer. Best guitarist other than Jimmy H.. Best vocalist (everyone wants to sound like Plant).

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Dude is real old now, but his music still rocks!

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the ones I enjoyed the most were the outdoor rock festivals, so many great memories.

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One band I really wish I had a chance to see live when Bonzo was still around. Looking forward to checking out “Celebration Day” though.

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Why the thumbs down?! A thumbs down for my comment is a thumbs down for Jimmy. I wasn't joking, he actually does that.

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Nice post of the 50's tv show link. Host is a tool, tho.

Nice save on my part, to then resist clicking several enticing Zep vids after it was over and thus spend the whole night on YouTube.

Ayler- Really?? Why bother? He must feel strongly about it. I could imagine a lot better ways to spend my time if I was rich, elderly, and still producing new music, and in Japan on a vacation.

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Like a lot of 60s bands from the UK,

they were a Freemason secret society spawn of a band, influenced by Alestair Crowley, etc.

I liked some of their music back when I was under the influence of various substances categorized as illicit by the DEA...but

Retire and recede, please.

If there is a legacy to be found in your previous bands repertoire, it will be defined as such by the public.

If not, oh well.

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Zepplin was awesome.

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