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I feel panda are kinda overrated. China rent them out for ridiculous prices and demand them back when they are full grown. So spending so much building a facility for it is kinda pointless because they had to go back in a few years and the zoo has to rack their brain to earn back the cost for renting the panda's during their stay. And whenever relationship sour with China, these things immediately are called back. Is basically taking care of other people pet.

And the most ironic fact is that the zoo will try very hard to have the panda breed a child but the child had to be send back to china. Is kinda ridiculous they are puring so much money into it to help China expand their panda diplomacy.

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Absolutely, @Hiro

But mankind's use of 'cute and cuddly' goes beyond pandas. China's just using cute-and-cuddly to play Disney games with world economics and human relations. It's rather simple, really. And Xin has it right.

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Totally agree with Hiro,

Its really bad that they are being used as politcal tools, and expensive ones at that.

The chinese use the pandas as political leverage in order to get things and they are quick to threaten zoos about the loss income if the pandas are taken back.

IMHO send these useless animals aback to China

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I think they need a few more green bollards in this picture.

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If they could train them to do kung fu I would go.

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Looks much better than the old depressing glassed-in cage they used to be in. Hopefully the pandas will be happier. I love pandas and I am sure they could care less about politics and hatred.

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The pandas used to be true gifts to countries (from the 1950s) until Deng Xiaoping changed this to Panda loans. This was at first for a smaller monthly fee and then it became up to $1,000,000 per year. A zoo in Mexico had their own pandas that was outside of this "loan policy" a few years ago, but I am not sure if they are still alive.

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