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Paralympics open in Rio


The Japan delegation enters the stadium during the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Paralympic games at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Wednesday night.

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Yay! I hope the Paralympics doesn't suffer from being financially shafted - it's a great event - good luck to everyone!

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Not to complain but why are the paralympics and the olympics always being held separately why not in conjunction? Either way good luck to all of these impressive athletes.

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Theyre all heroes in my books! Heres hoping it gets even a little coverage here, and some of the Japanese medallists go on to become national superstars.

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@papigiulio - I imagine it's because all the facilities - the courts, pools, residences, stadiums etc. need a fair bit of adapting for the Paralympic athletes.

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I guess the capacity of the facilities is one reason.

I think the Paralympics should be held before the Olympics, not after. I hope I am wrong but the interest of the public seems to cool down with the closing of the Olympics. The Paralympic athletes deserve much more attention for their efforts and achievement than they get at present.

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