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Pass the beans please


Hundreds of visitors to Zojoji temple in Tokyo try to catch roasted soybeans thrown to them by celebrities during the Setsubun festival on Friday.

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I love the picture on the girls camera right near us. I did not know they had a zoom on an iPhone.

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Photoshop funny person.

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what could be the zoom ratio in that camera near us. Pretty cool camera, I reckon. :)

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/The zoom is awesome phone. Where will we get ...

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It's obviously her reflection.

On another point, Zojoji is a beautiful temple.

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i dont think thats zoom, methinks its her reflection. scarey. Cant help but think dirty thins after reading the title

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It is way too big for a reflection. I think it is a photoshop layer inserted and flattened.

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