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Celebrities toss lucky beans and confectionery over people during Mame-maki, a bean-throwing ceremony, at Zojoji temple in Tokyo on Tuesday, which is Setsubun no Hi. The ritual, which is believed to bring in good luck and drive away evil is spirits, is performed annually to mark the beginning of the spring in the lunar calendar.

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I went to the one near my house. And got some mochi, corn snack, beans and a Roll of toilet paper.

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When I was a child, which is about 50 years ago, my mother roasted beans and my brother & I used to throw the beans outside the front door area in the evening just when the sun was setting down. We stopped doing it around the time we started going to high school. Now I don't see anyone doing it around their house any more. You only see priests or some celebrities doing it at major shrines. And now they do it in broad daylight at that.

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For whatever reason, this is the Japanese holiday I love the most.

In with fortune! Out with the devil! Out with evil! Choke on my beans!

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Wonderful to see this custom still is practiced in some forms, thanks for sharing your story about it Yoshimi-san, that was very sweet to hear about i hope you keep doing it :)

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I enjoy it too. Had the long, silent sushi and had beans thrown at.

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