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Pastry World Cup


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Congratulations. Quite an achievement for the Japanese team.

Officially, Italy came in first, Japan was second, and the host nation, France, was third.

The team from Chile were given a special prize for team spirit, while the sustainability prize for zero waste went to Switzerland.

Thank you, all, for the art.


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No doubt full of margarine and white sugar!

-9 ( +4 / -13 )

Mr Kipling would never celebrate coming only second in a cake making contest.

To win 1st prize a cake needs to be exceedingly good!

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

Congratulations! A lot of work went into that award. I remember some years ago the Japanese team won the pizza world championships in Italy. Among the things I enjoy about Japan is that it is a country of foodies the appreciates and focuses on good food. The best French food I’ve had is in Tokyo. Same for the best Italian.

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Omedetou gozaimasu!

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Big congratulations!

@David Brent Maybe you should expand your horizons and stop buying Yamazaki pan from the supa!

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Do they have a pastry shop in Tokyo?

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Ive just had a look at the news report covering the competition, oh boy! their is some works of art, what amazing talent these guys have, well done to every one just for getting into the compation, let allow being in the top three.

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Who on earth could downvote Mr Kipling? French fancies, mini Battenberg, almond slices - he's done it all!

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At the World Cheese Fromager Championship also this month in Tours, France-Japan placed 3rd!!


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The French patisserie I have had in France was and is something special, so to beat the French and come first is truly an accolade to be proud of! Though Mr Kipling does do exceedingly good cakes!

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Congratulations Japan

Italy and French

‘all my favorite cuisines

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Well done team Japan!

Definitely a rising force in the world food scene. More Michelin stars than any nation on the globe. From humble ¥300 bento to ramen to curry-rice to ¥100,000 kaiseki-ryōri, Japan's food is always world class, every time.

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More Michelin stars than any nation on the globe.

More than France?

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More than France?

Absolutely! And not all of them are $600 a meal affairs. There are humble ramen shops and yakitori stands in Tokyo that are Michelin starred. Be prepared for 4-hour lines, though.

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