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Peace Boat volunteers collect funds for victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami at Takadanobaba in Tokyo.

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Good effort but why don't they do this while at port overseas on their peaceboat trip?

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Peace Boat has been organizing extensively to help the tsunami victims in Fukushima. Among their efforts, besides collecting relief money, has been collecting, sorting, and delivering relief supplies and organizing and dispatching relief volunteers to the affected areas.

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They run a soup kitchen and deliver hot meals in Ishinomaki, and clean mud away from streets.

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Charity begins at home. I commend them for their work in Tokoku. For many Peace Boat is a trusted name and it's a given that during a disaster in Japan they should come together. Good work. Please continue. I would like to see more of this type of clear focus from them in future. Their young charges hail from all over Japan year after year so it's not hard to imagine Peace Boat becoming the go-to for networking across Japan in time of need.

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good work peace boat. get some signs in japanese though as the english speaking community is one of the smallest minorities in tokyo. how many japanese are going to be willing to donate to person carrying a sign in english?

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"get some signs in japanese though as the english speaking community is one of the smallest minorities in"

Ah but Sharpie, maybe the goal is not to collect funds, but to SHOW AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE that they are collecting funds.

Maybe I am a tad too cynical, but I would say that a lot of aid organizations need funding more than people in Ishinomaki need a hot meal these days.

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