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Peace protest in Seoul


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The Peoples Republic of China and Korean Agents?

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Sure. Many Americans would be happy to cut all military ties with South Korea, let them reunify with their Northern neighbor and end this long conflict.

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Sponsored by ccp-funded shell companies, chinanese restaurants, chinanese businesses based in s.korea.

The s.koreans never seem to protest the treatment of china Christians, Urgur Moslems, rape & torture of Tibetian nuns & monks, etc.

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They seem to conveniently forget the world's largest stockpile of banned biological and chemical WMD just a few miles to the north.

Enough anthrax to render all major South Korean cities uninhabitable for several centuries.

More than adequate supply of tabun, sarin, ricin, botulinin and VX needed to completely depopulate the Korean peninsula south of the DMZ.

Covertly placed smallpox munitions that are projected to kill 10 to 20 million in the first wave.

These protestors should be wearing Kim Jong Nam masks instead and protesting the world's most heavily armed mafia-state crime against sentient life that is the Kim clique.

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during a rally to demand the peace on the Korean peninsula

Maybe “demand peace” is better.

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Fortunately Japan was not split into East and West Japan. Thanks to the US for keeping the Russians from taking Hokkaido.

The Germans have reunited and so have the Vietnamese. What percentage of Koreans on both sides wish to reunite?

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Sure. Many Americans would be happy to cut all military ties with South Korea, let them reunify with their Northern neighbor and end this long conflict.

Not if SK loses democracy in the bargain.

Reunification of NK and SK should happen, but in the way it did with Germany. NK needs to fall and SK should quickly move to take over the govt and provide aid to the 1-Korea. I bet Japan and NATO and other democracies of the world will help. Sorta like post-war rebuilding.

Of course, the CCP won't like it and a new proxy war could erupt.

If NK were to move to something like the current Vietnam, that would be a huge step. Specifically the constitutional guarantees of

permitted private enterprise, and granted foreign investors the right to legal ownership of their capital and assets while guaranteeing that their property would not be nationalized by the state.

Seems like a win-mostly win, if that happens. The term "socialist" has a negative connotation to many Capitalistic Democracies, so keeping that aspect would likely reduce foreign support except by CCP China, though CCP-China is probably happy with NK being the crazies in the region. Make them appear sane.

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The group behind this better think long and hard about the consequences of the US leaving the area.

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BOTH sides desire reunification but the biggest BLOCK to that is the United States who will lose any justification for keeping large numbers of troops close to China and Russia. Also, the U.S. knows that Hanguk AND Chosŏn resentment toward the U.S. would almost certainly swing a reunified Hanja away from U.S. political influence albeit the power of Samsung, Hyundai, et alia would mitigate that swing into a form of 'neutrality'. In any case, U.S. military occupation would be pushed out and the DMZ cleared of all of the Death that now lies buried in the ground that will still mutilate and kill unwary children who like to 'explore' far into the future. Reunification will be a difficult process even without the interference of the U.S. because of all of the paranoid political POISON which (mostly the South) has fed to their people over the decades. And if Hanja and Nihon could then find common ground, they could form an economic and political bloc that would rival the larger 'powers' in any area. But that would require an unusual amount of Human sanity from their dynastic aristocracies and we can only hope.

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