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Patrolling for suspected bike thieves.

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Distance = rate X time.

Does he even notice the train approaching from his left? I am guessing so since this was not a headline in the news this morning.

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Another bare nose.

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George, that's a tram. And it is stopped at the traffic light, allowing people and bicycles to cross.

I passed through there many times, it is near Waseda, and kids loved to see the tram so close.

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The policeman and the train running in the same direction are kind of funny.

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Man,it is not often you see them about in unpleasant weather,

At this time of year you usually find them ensconced in their police boxes with kerosene heaters.

It is no coincidence that the twice annual 'Road Traffic Safety Campaigns' are held in Spring and Fall when the weather is much preferable than Summer and Winter.

Some might say the campaigns are held to coincide with the end of the kids' long vacation,but I beg to differ.

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Ah. Where are all the indifferent people? The ones who parade about during the virus?

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Is it legal to bike on the sidewalk?

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"Another bare nose."

Masks are NOT needed in open air, ventilated, unconfined spaces.

Actually you should remove them and breath properly, whenever out and about, outside.

Yet, we see people waking about wearing masks even when it's chucking down.

And looking like real idiots.

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Thank you Mr. Officer for your hard work. You help keep Japan safe. Thank you.

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