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Pedal power


A visitor looks at a hydrogen power-assisted tricycle, exhibited by Iwatani Corp, during the Battery Japan exhibition in Tokyo. Iwatani says the tricycle does not require recharging as long as it is switched on because the hydrogen cartridge automatically supplies hydrogen gas to its fuel cell to generate electric power whenever the tricycle detects the battery voltage becomes lower than the pre-set level. And the generated power drives the motor to assist with pedaling.

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I'll take one if the seat goes lower.

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I'll take one when the battery is small enough to fit a bicycle, not a tricycle.

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It needs power assistance because it is so heavy?? Doesn't look so practical, but hey, it has sat-nav?

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What they call it... the Hindenburgh bike?

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Good luck trying to find a place to park that thing.

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If it converted water to hydrogen then it would be interesting

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/In athletics, this invention can be revolutionary because it is electric, and brokers, sometimes we miss this kind of vehicles do not pollute and assisting us with no smoke or noise. A 10 to the invention.

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totally not practical

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