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Yukiya Arashiro of Japan celebrates on the podium after being awarded the prize for the most combative rider of the 214.5-km fourth stage of the Tour de France cycling race that started in Abbeville and finished in Rouen, France, on Wednesday.

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for the most combative rider

I wonder how his fellow riders felt? I hope no one got hurt.

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Combative as in "attacking the lead" He lead a good breakaway for awhile. Good to see Japanese riders doing well in European racing.

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And as a bonus he gets kisses from the pretty ladies.

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Nice to see a Japanese rider doing well at the Tour. But "Go Hesjedal!"

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Good on him!!!

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Hottie on the left

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Best Combatist!!! Typical thing a Japanese rider would get. Gambatte!!!!

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Wow. That's one hot babe he's with.


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He rode very well and deserves this award. It's great to see Japan represented on The Tour and I hope to see more Japanese riders come through the ranks in the years to come.

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well done

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That was an interesting stage to watch. I was hoping he would win the stage, that would have been really nice. But I think he has a chance at winning a stage if his team can keep up with him on the next run. Well done!

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