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Peeping Pepper


A Peeping Tom? No, it's SoftBank's "Peeping Pepper" covertly watching a tourist purchasing last-minute gifts at a souvenir shop at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Saturday.

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So why exactly is this robot programmed to "peep?

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Pepper is just 'so' high too!

Well, a different view from a ceiling-installed security camera, and it is not like that shop is Victoria's Secret or anything.


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Looks like he got stuck against a wall.

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This is actually a pretty good countermeasure to shop lifting. These anti shoplifting robots need to be in yodobashi camera or other electronic stores too.

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I see the robot being arrested for peeping, or joining the police to be a peeper. One or the other.

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I heard about Soft Bank's usher robots at Haneda International Airport. But I have heard nothing of the Peeping Pepper. The robot is just assuming peeping position by pure chance?

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Police should use these since it uses facial recognition and can identify foreigners and Japanese people apart.

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Excellent point gogogo! The ability to identify certain ethnicities by facial recognition software is a massive help in fighting shoplifting, even the ability to predict potential shoplifters based on it. Legit crime fighter pepper, he a bro!

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