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SoftBank humanoid robots known as Pepper are displayed at the venue for Pepper World 2016 Summer, ahead of its opening in Tokyo on Thursday.

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My school rented a Pepper for a month. It is amazing at how bad this tech still is. It couldn't follow a normal conversation, past a few replies. After that, it was all crazy old man random replies.

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The arms are detachable.

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Seeing this picture, I could only have three thoughts:

The one on the right has only one eye (if it is an eye), while the others have two eyes. Let's stigmatise it!

After all the Peppers and Azimos become self-aware, I wonder if they will behave similarly to people, or if they will even prefer to be made in people's image.

Then after the playtime is finished, should we put the Peppers back in their boxes?
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@inkochi The one on the right has its head turned. Only its right ear is visable, not the eyes.

The creators of Pepper have said that it can read emotions. There is a word for someone who can read and respond to emotions without having emotions. Sociopath.

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A cool iPad stand.

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