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Persimmons dry out


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Decorations!? What a waste of food.

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My wife and I like persimmons. Recently I made persimmon sauce also very tasty with grated daikon.

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Decorations!? What a waste of food

Dried persimmons are a delicacy. People eat them. It’s a simple way to make Shibagaki (tart persimmons) sweet and edible.

No more a waste of food than hanging chocolate favours and spiced biscuits on the Christmas tree.

They all get eaten.

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My grandmother would wait until they fell off the tree them mash them and make great persimmon cookies.

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Decorations!? What a waste of food

I agree with you but have you seen how much food is wasted with Halloween pumpkins in North America?

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cleo, fair enough, if they are eaten not dumped.

Nippori Nick, agreed, in UK also these days. When I was a child it was never seen and Pumpkin was just a rather rare vegetable.

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