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An employee of Anicall demonstrates an app showing a cat's emotion on a smartphone at the Wearable Expo in Tokyo. According to Anicall, the device can read a pet's emotions by analysing its movements and behavior by collecting data from the bracelet-shaped device.

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If YOU need an app to read a pets emotion, you should NOT have a pet. Buy a robot pet instead.

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the app is wrong, the cat emotion is :wake me up one more time and I will scratch your face!

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That app is clearly wrong, I know that face. It's the face of a cat giving you the "seriously, are you still at it with sticking that camera in my face?" I know it because I make that same face when someone does the same thing and I'm fed up with it. Poor kitty just wants to be left alone to rest.

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@Bad - You are not right, my friend. yep, Bad2Dbone ! Too funny !

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I absolutely agree with papigiulio !

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Great App. Great Innovation. Loved It.

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Oh, yes. I took in a hardcase, generally unpleasant, ill-tempered tom from the shelter years ago and the deal was he'd mutilate rodents as long as we fed him and effed off.

Pretty simple. Didn't need an app to work it out. In my experience, cats will let you know what they are really bothered about.

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