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Pikachu protest


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there is a dope for every cause these days...

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Is easy for them to say whatever they want because they don’t live in Japan. They don’t even think about what it would do us if we stop. There is already a strong call to stop nuclear plants but we still have it. Is a necessary thing for Japan to use them untill we slowly seek out other cheaper ways to solve our energy problems. We live in islands with no natural resources and switching to other methods cost way too much money. The government is already largely in debt from all the natural disasters. To recover and also find new expensive ways never goes well together.

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Stop the use of coal would be good.

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A lot has been done in Japan to get off of co2 producing sources of energy, but more needs to be done.

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Thought which part of Japa... Oh it's in the Philippines, never mind! Them and their Peenoise Pride (a fake Pinoy Pride) XD

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LOL. Nintendo is gonna sue these guys... on second thought... It's a good marketing strategy. Ignoring the people inside of these costumes for so-called cause, and buy Pokemon games only because they wear Pikachu costumes.

Great Marketing Strats (for Nintendo)

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so funny

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Wonder if these "environmentalists" even stopped for a second to consider the carbon footprint made by producing these costumes.... plus, it's probably made in China so more money for the enemy (or rather Duterte's bff).

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Got to admire them for getting coverage on such an important topic and having fun whilst doing it, too.

The begrudgers must be so annoyed.

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