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Men walk past new vehicles damaged by the March 11 tsunami waters in a Toyota Motor Corp parking lot at Sendai port, Miyagi Prefecture, on Monday.

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If those are new vehicles, I'd hate to see used vehicles. These scenes of devastation are going to be with us for months to come, even with everything the SDF and the U.S. military is doing.

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Yes I think we saw those new SUVs or vans at the rebound of the water, back to the sea. They were parked there to be picked up & shipped to some firm just a bit later of that day.

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I am still astounded at the sheer destruction caused by the tsunami compared to the earthquake. I am pushing 60 backwards and have been around a bit but have never seen anything like that outside of wartime film footage.

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I see a few Priuses, a Toyota Bb, a Toyota Hi Ace...such a waste, but nothing compared to lives lost.

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