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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, along with their children walk through the arrival terminal at Haneda international airport in Tokyo on Sunday night. Around 1,100 fans were on hand to greet the family who arrived aboard a private jet. Pitt is in Tokyo to attend the Japan premiere of his film "World War Z" on Monday night.

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Ms Jolie is looking well, Mr Pitt looks sensibly-dressed for a long flight. They all look healthy and happy. Not many people look this good coming out of arrival. I hope they have a good stay in Japan.

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Something's not quite right with this photo. First, 'Maria', you'd look that refreshed if you flew first or business class. Second, when most of us 'REAL PEOPLE' fly, we have a 'rollaboard' case, satchel, women have a purse or shoulder bag and yet in this image we see them with NOTHING in hands other than their children's hands or a blanket. Where are their carry on bags? Where do they have all their travel documentation?

Only things being carried are a purple stuffed animal, one child's blankee and Ms. Jolie's signature badass black leather jacket draped over her right arm.

YEAH, I'd look that healthy and happy too if I had an entourage of staff to carry all my stuff and was flying in first or business class.

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Please note that they arrived aboard a private jet.

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Jolie looks anorexic and Brad Pitt looks old!

-7 ( +4 / -11 )

It looks like he got dressed by going to a junkyard and pulling interior materials out of a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Hey, it's Bura-Pee!

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Tyler Durden is a grey haired, zombie killing, middle ager.

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Like the headline. I hope they have a jolie time during their stay in Japan

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The caption should read, "This is how I look after flying in on a private jet and having staff carry all my stuff including ALL my paper work. You regular people should try it sometime... I smile because I can".

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They look horrible. Don't downgrade my post! Jolie is an effete of her former self. She looks appalling.

Will anybody back me!?

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This is why movies tend to arrive late in Japan--so the celebs can arrive on time.

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Considering what Ms. Jolie has been through recently, I think she looks pretty good! @KnowBetter: Are you that bitter you haven't made more of your life and have to travel in Cattle Class?

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If that's a leather jacket draped over her left or right shoulder? No its a leather shoulder bag on her right arm,child in left hand and child in right.Is this a game of spot the leather jacket because i am having a problem with finding it.

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how open-minded they should be to adopt these three kids with different races,RESPECT!

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They both look great !

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Their children look very happy. Hope they will love Japan, too.

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