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People read daily racing forms outside an off-site betting office in Tokyo.

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Every Saturday morning, I have to ride the train to Mizusawa with all the smoke and shochu stinky ojisans heading to the horse track. Those codgers look like they just walked out of a 70s Nikkatsu pinky movie with their velour jumpsuits, fake Swiss watches, and Kangol fedoras. They only sit next to the schoolgirls, crack open a beer, and immediately turn their newspapers to the topless photo page. Gambling culture in Japan is both nostalgic and creepy.

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I like keiba. Problem here is reading the formcard. and yes, the people at the track can be really odd. It is a bit back to the 70's

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People do waste a lot of cash on horse race gambling. That's why the bookies live in nice mansions while some gamblers live in flats. I've never quite understood why people bet so much, when if they did more research they would be able to increase their chance to be able to pick and choose the right horse. Of course it's not foolproof and things go wrong. However if you play chances are that you'll improve your win rate. If you keep it simple and to the bets you'll understand and be able to build on that. In fact you don't have to be a horse racing expert to make a good choice. Take into consideration some important factors pointed out by reliable horse racing systems. That can make a difference to help you to spot winners in the race.

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@ shinhiyata Phew there was me thinking I had nothing to look forward to in my old age.

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