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I don’t understand why they can’t just chain off the entrance to the parking lot if this lot is a municipal one.

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bareendrodent, the signs say that the public lot is for local citizens and commercial vehicles only through May 6th. The lot is not closed to locals, but to tourists/visitors. That is why they don't chain off the lot. BTW, your point reminds me of several parking lots I saw in Houston on my way back to Kansas City from Japan. I was not aware so many US parking lots had gates so that the lots could be closed. Many lots of restaurants, hotels, and businesses/stores that were closed due to the Corona had gates that were closed. These lots did not have fences around them, just gates over the roadway. It reminded me of the chains across Japanese lots.

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How do you know someone parking there is a local? Is she going to check the residency of everyone who tries to park?

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How do you know someone parking there is a local? Is she going to check the residency of everyone who tries to park?

Everyone can see the licence plates.

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I walk there from Yamato-station sometimes. Feels local to me. Been surfing there since '84. Everyone knows me. Am I not a local even though I choose not to live in a low lying area due to tsunami potential?

Not all local vehicles have Shonan kanji on their license plates down there. Shonan is a huge coastal spread. Even the police cars at the Koban before the bridge do not have shonan plates.

Also, public parking, public beach, means public access.

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Shouldn't everyone be staying at home - including the locals?

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"Please refrain from..." It's still only a suggestion, and bears no penalty. Can ignore.

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Please stay away?

I always stay away from people wearing masks, especially if they're sitting alone at the entrance to a parking lot with nothing better to do. I think her mental health needs more scrutiny than her capacity to breathe the virus in or out.

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