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Is that Waikiki? ;-)

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You’d have to be mad to go swimming there.

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It would be nice to know what beach it is. Odaiba was supposed to be an Olympic swimming venue, so curious whether people are swimming there now, as the authorities promised it would be extensively cleaned up.

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Gotta go with you, @JeffLee. That's not Odaiba. And the skyline is anything but the eponymous Tokyo skyline. Where is she?

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It is Odaiba. You can see the Tokyo immigration detention center in the distance. If you were to pan slightly to the right you would see the rainbow bridge.

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It’s Odaiba.

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Odaiba should be made into a full swimming beach with all the relevant amenities (e.g. washroom, changing room, lifeguards from Memorial Day until Halloween, physical video arcade centers, map of Tokyo area, police koban etc). Having a Beach right in the City of Tokyo would be Awesome/Kool. It is understood Zushi is the closest Beach to the City of Tokyo. Having a Full Beach right in the City of Tokyo would be an all-inclusive package where one can utilize the City of Tokyo's many cultural intellectual stimulation along with the beach fix.

Lets say if someone wants to go to a Japanese Pancake house for Breakfast in the morning, go to one of the Museums in the morning, get the Beach Fix During the Day and then go out to a restaurant and then a video arcade center, all can be done in the City of Tokyo and a private vehicle is NOT NECESSARY.

In conclusion, it would be Excellent and Awesome/Kool to have Odaiba made into a full beach.

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The water doesn't look very inviting.

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Her forehead looks awfully sunburnt...

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The photo currently shown for the Sports story, 'Olympic rings in Tokyo Bay removed for maintenance' may have been taken by the same photographer, as the lighting is similar...

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The beach itself is nice (even if everything is man-made), good access, plenty of shops, restaurants and activities around, very nice view, especially at night. Popular for fishing as well. Unfortunately, the water is disgusting, and I think they even don't allow swimming. They have some competitions, triathlon and stuff, but I wouldn't swim there.

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That's a beach!?


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That's odaiba alright. I wouldn't swim there, but the beach is a beach.

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I've swam in worse.

Nice to see social distancing in action. As opposed to inaction.

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I was there a few weeks back and strangely the beach does not "as clean" as it used to (it's a relative term).

I'm all for the Olympics and the Triathlon being staged there, but I was expect it to look better and be cleaner after the investment.

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I hate to see young people damage their skin like this. Bronze skin looks good in your 20s/30s, but the trade off is damaged , thin and wrinkled skin after middle age at the least, and much higher risk of melanoma at worst.

Sorry to be a party pooper.

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Sorry to be a party pooper.

Fair point. As the Aussies say, slip-slop-slap.

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