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Pokemon Go fans brave heat


Braving the summer heat, hundreds of people playing Pokemon Go are seen through "omikuji," or strips of paper written with fortune telling oracles, tied on strings in front of Kaneiji Bentendo Buddhist Temple at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Thursday.

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PpokemongO is going through every stage of late capitalism in its first week

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Afraid, number of people treated for heatstroke will rise drastically this week.

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TOO MUCH FREE TIME! Try going to work. Most people have to work extra time just to pay the bills.

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Too much free time? I'm no fan of Pokemon Go, but I'm sure a lot of them are students on their summer holidays.

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too much free time??? give them a break, japanese people are known as hardworkers... they needed it

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How much is sure that they are playing Pokemon? People might be updating to social media, twitter, chatting etc. This must be usual for smartphone users, specially when they are on vacation.

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I wonder if MsDelicious will see this.

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