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Pole fight


Cadets of Japan's Military Defense Academy compete in their traditional "Botaoshi" game, in which players try to pull down the opposing team's pole, at the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the academy in Yokosuka, on Sunday. The game which originated from the Japanese navy is played annually on the academy's foundation day to demonstrate the cadets' physical strength, operational capability and teamwork. Some 600 cadets from four teams fought for the victory trophy. "Botaoshi" means to mean "pull down a pole."

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Boys and their pole games.

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Apparently the elementary school undokai follows them into adulthood. I'm guessing they all had to do that taiso warm-up with retro music in the beginning as well.

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It's great to watch. Very rough sport!

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Looks exciting

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I have never seen the high schoolers wear head gear when they play this. Navy pussies!

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The navy "pussies" are trained to kill another human with their bare hands. My point being these are future warriors that will defend their country violently and to the death if need be. I think their levels of aggression and strength are a just slightly higher than your average herbavore high school.

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This game is totally different from high school game. Instead, this is war game that needs much tactics and practice. Before WWII, midshipmen in Naval Academy in Etazima, Hishorhima played this game. When I played as a cadet in National Defense Academy 30 years ago, we could hit and kick their face without any limitation (full contact) and we did not wear the face gear. Cadets who belong to Karate Club could not attend the game. However, people who belong to boxing club and Kyokusin Karate in private city club could attend. Some Kyokushin karate cadets played very roughly. Since more than fifty cadets were injured and hospitalized in some year, full contact was limited after that.

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Looks like a larff

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At least the are wearing helmets

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