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Police PR


Posters on a Tokyo subway wall promote the police department and its activities.

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Isn't that Hiroshi Fujioka (Takeshi Hongou, Kamen Rider No.1) on the poster on the left?

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Somebody has to stop that menace to Japanese society, those 50cc scooters making right-hand turns!

They don't put up with that sort of criminal activity.

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Definitely "Picture of the Day(?)" passing a message without cute manga style characters

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A looker. Cuff me, Officer, please.

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Love the "Assaulting is a crime". As if anybody speaking English needed the clarification.

Its the only time you EVER see an English sign. When its warning people about not committing crimes or letting us know that there are cameras in operation watching our every move.

Btw searching people without warrant or forcing them to come to "voluntary interrogation" is also a crime.

Yeah but this is Japan and on paper, their laws may seem on par with the west. In reality, they are MUCH closer to China than the west.

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Good to see Non-chan is active. I love her.

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