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Pomp at the palace


Newly appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy is seen through a window of a horse-drawn carriage as she arrives at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on Tuesday to present her credentials to Emperor Akihito.

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I sometimes wonder why they ride on the horse carriage.... environmental friendly?

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I know some people see the Kennedys as American royalty.....blimey.

Don't think I've ever seen Japanese with carriages and clothing like that before. Looks very British.

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I thought the photo was taken in Disneyland at first glance. All very silly and cringeworthy.

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Do all ambassadors get this?

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@Maria apparently the protocol is that all ambassadors get a choice of the horse drawn carriage along a set route or the option of a car from their residence...

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@nsg79 If that's true, I'm glad this wasn't in summer. We could have had men in loincloths either side of her flapping giant feathers to keep her cool. Take a car Ms. Kennedy, it's much more dignified.

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Rather over the top I'd say, and so soon after her arrival. She should have graciously declined the carriage ride and taken the car instead.

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The sooner this is over with, the sooner she can get on with her job of being an irrelevant figurehead. Congrats President Obama in carrying on the shameful tradition of treating Japan with such contempt.

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Why are they biting off of European style? Shouldn't they have some of those dudes from Asaskusa? Or the other ones, that carried the shogun around in a little box.

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All of the ambassadors get this. A throwback to the Meiji Period when Japan was imitating all things European.

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Walk around the renovated Tokyo Station and you will see large carriage-sized doors that are off limits to all us commoners. I wonder if these carriages are left parked in the JR station year round when there are no ambassadors to fete.

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The carriage ride to the palace is ceremony. Ambassadors presenting their credentials to the Emperor is ceremony. This may be the only time the ambassador sets foot in the palace during their entire tenure. The ceremonial Emperor isn't dabbling in politics by participating in these ceremonies.

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I guess if protocol demands a horse drawn carriage but it seems very un-Japanese to me. At least modern Japan. But I guess you go with the flow if you're the Ambassador....

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All of the ambassadors get this. A throwback to the Meiji Period when Japan was imitating all things European.

Might it, then, be the first test of every ambassador to Japan? I suspect it might be similar to the (seemingly innocent) question of whether you prefer Kinkakuji or Ginkakuji. Carriage or car? The answer is telling.

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Looks very British.

Looks quite English at first glance, but seems to be based on early American colonial style (which of course was heavily influenced by English fashion of the time) - though quite why in Japan I cannot imagine!

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