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Japan's Saori Yoshida carries her father while her coach looks on after defeating Canada's Tonya Lynn Verbeek in the final of the women's 55Kg freestyle wrestling at the Olympic Games in London on Thursday. See story here.

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Congratulations! She has won the gold in her weight class now 3 times in a row! The Japanese women are sure putting up a great showing at these Olympics! Come on guys!

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Amazing talent, her opponents must just dread seeing her name come up against them in a draw. They have no hope of beating her. Awesome photo by the way!

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cha ching!

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Of perhaps greater interest.... the man on her shoulders is her Father who was also the "second" coach in her corner...

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Not sure who that is, but he sure is feelin' it!

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Lunchbox: "Amazing talent, her opponents must just dread seeing her name come up against them in a draw."

Well, when I saw it was Canada vs. Japan for the gold in that weight class I dreaded clicking on the link to see who the Japanese athlete was -- sure enough, it was Yoshida. I pretty much knew then and there what the outcome would be -- Yoshida is just TOO good, and she's proven it time and again. Tonya put up a good fight in the event, it goes without saying, and silver is nothing to balk at -- but as Yoshida is definitely the champ. Congrats to both.

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She is awesome. I can see why Asashoryu had the hots for her. The backflip, the headlock on her coach, the smile, the sublime wrestling skills. The positive attitude. As Charlie Sheen would say, winning!

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Japan's women have done much to be proud of in both wrestling and judo. I hope the men will join them on the gold medal platform soon.

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pretty impressive that a 55kg lady can balance one man o her shoulders, after an Olympic final whilst holding another dude paw. Japanese ladies wrestlers are certainly strong. Still, I can't quiet get over the redundancies in Olympic sports... does the Olympics really need 3 wrestling codes? Let's combine all the martial sports into one mixed effort, open weight and find out who really is the badarse on the planet!

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Amazing! Omedetou, Yoshida san!!!

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