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Japanese comedian Koji Imada, left, actress Yuko Takeuchi, center, and former Nadeshiko Japan soccer star Homare Sawa attend a press event on Wednesday ahead of the opening of brewing company Suntory Beer's annual "The Premium Malt's Festival" in Tokyo's Roppongi Hills. The beer festival runs from today through May 15 in 17 cities across Japan, including Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Chiba, Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. For more information on each city's venues and opening hours, see here.

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Weasel - very little that can compare with the best of the west coast, but a lot that's certainly worth trying. Outside of the bigger names like Hitachino, Baird, Yona-Yona, and Minoh, though, they can be hard to find.

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Takeuchi Yuko <3 btw if you want to drink a nice brew, try heartland.

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Weasel: Few and far between, but on occasion there are some decent ones like Minoh. The beer festivals like the one Suntory is having are just an excuse to push products that are already out, and rarely differ. It's like when they put a snowflake on the can and call it "Winter beer", but it's the same old premium Malt's. There was a festival on the Osaka Castle grounds the weekend before last, but it was pretty small.

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I agree with papigiulio Heartland is a descent beer The Premium Malt’s in nice on tap but i dont like it in cans. I spotted a "Premium Orangia" today when shopping for my bar, marketing genius ;o) If you like hoegaarden try ginga kogen its cheap and a nice change to all the pretty samie largers here.

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Looks delicious! But these days I rarely drink beer, I mean I used to drink it in past days. As a matter of fact, I'm now drinking canned chuhai which has double the alcohol content of beer. ;‑)

Bottoms up!

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The festival is just a way to charge you twice as much for the same beer you get in a can at the 7-11.

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Please drink responsibly

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@ Monozuki,

Chuhais will reck you liver and kindeys a lot quicker than a beer especially those -196 creations.

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