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An employee of Aeon supermarket changes a price label to reflect the sales tax hike, ahead of the store's opening hours at a supermarket in Chiba, early Tuesday morning.

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It's a daily and main job at all supermarkets in Japan.

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sigh what's with these sheeples carrying thousands of shopping bags as if the world would end tomorrow??? I would understand if people were rushing to buy a car, or a very pricy high-end sounding system, etc. 3% would make a substantial difference. But people rushing to fill up the tank, buy everyday products as if its prices never change on a daily basis? ...

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Read an article in Stars & Stripes about this, and the affect on a US worker in Japan in the $50K salaray range would see an increase in about $600 per year in extra taxes. A few yen here and there may not sound like much, but overally, that amount goes a long way in buying a plane ticket back to the states or whatever else you want to buy.

I just want to see what will happen with the increased tax revenue that is going in. Will there be new bridges to no where being built again?

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That extra 3% is hardly notorious in my eyes.....

South Korea's sales tax is 10%.

Most of Europe has a 17-20% tax rate.

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Aeon flux

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tough times for the employees, late up all night to change the prices for each product. Saw on tv last night that some shops use this taxhike by displaying the OLD price in big while the real price is displayed in tiny red below. Pretty sneaky imo

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Most of Europe has a 17-20% tax rate.

Be specific which country? Because this is more complicated than that. Some counties in Europe have a gradual taxing system. In France 5% for fresh food and essential items, 7% for cultural items (books, music, cinema, etc), 10% at restaurants and ~20% if you buy a TV or whatever. I think there are also other subgroups.

Make more sense that this stupid Japanese decision to increase sales tax in everything. Fresh food in Japan is already awfully expensive, we really don't need a higher sales tax on it.

They could have had just the beginning of intelligence to tax more cigarettes and alcohol and not touch essential fresh food items. But I guess in a country with a lot of conflicts of interest and corruption that brings a government to hold shares in a big tobacco company, we can't expect them to be intelligent.

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There Goes Japan's Economic growth

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Retailers are increasing their prices beyond the tax increase, the penny grab has started.

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I love those Hassaku oranges.

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Even though many countries have 10-25% tax rate. Japanese with 3% rise is more expensive.

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That hassaku orange costs 158 yen each, that's just appalling. And they're adding even more to that outrageous price.

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I'll trade the higher tax rates any day, to get the overall price for food that those countries offer. Any day...What is Sam Hill 150 yen apples? Cabbage for 270 yen/ head??... Well cigarettes are still sooo cheap (for those of you that smoke).

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Its not much but when your income is low such as a pensioer the percentage of that is high compared with that of some one on a salery like Mr Abe etc.

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here in Ontario Canada we pay 13 percent sales tax on overall purchases........painful

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Mar044. I think you need to read the Ontario HST applications more carefully. The HST is not applied to some things such as basic groceries, prescription drugs, child care, etc. Japan has applied their sales tax to everything and anything (including food, which is an outrage in a country where food is ridiculously overpriced). That being said, I really think a small tax increase on the sale of alcohol (not beer) be applied. Shochu and whiskey are insanely cheap.

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Well the 10% tax is right around the corner. Waited 17 years to rise 3% and next rise is coming in about two years. Then what? Will the next rise come soon after that?

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There would be no need for this tax if all tobacco products saw an increase of ¥100 or so. Considering half of Japan smokes the cancer sticks, the government coffers would soon be looking healthy.

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Aeon flux

Love that show.

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