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Pro-Palestinian march in Ginza


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Am Yisrael chai.

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Ginza for Gaza.

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Good on them!

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People around the world marching to support Palestinians in Gaza, and by extension, Hamas, and yet I'll wager that none of them have ever met or worked with a Palestinian.

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Did they protest the Hamas activities in Israel on October 7th too? I didn’t see that one.

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Suppose the world accepts Israel's military action as is since the country was attacked by terrorists, what would be its consequences? Are the world leaders OK with the result that Hamas' military capabilities be significantly reduced together with the collateral damages including death of tens of thousands ordinary citizens in Gaza? Since it was a terrorist attack, should we close our eyes on causes of hatred displayed by Hamas? If we are to wish for sustainable stability and peace in the territories, we have to keep on questioning Israel's action and reaction bearing in mind that Palestinian's territories have been occupied over 50 years and the occupied areas are expanding.

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STOP the Genocide. 10,000 people including 3000+ children and counting. Hospitals, schools and refugee camps... as the world watches ... humanity is dead.

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Palestein and Israel have been at war since the Israel terrorist bombing of a Hotel way back in 1946. So 7/10 was a military offensive when Israel were asleep at the wheel. Good offence, bad defence. It is war and it will continue until there one is defeated. But if Israel is moral right like 9/11 response the world will be behind you. I don,t see any world leader joining Israel on this folly.

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Pro-Palestinian march in Ginza

Probably the Japanese commie party. Nobody else cares except those already brainwashed for one side of the other by the MSM.

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What people don't get is that the Middle East is a complex and very often misunderstood part of the world. Westerners can't completely understand the culture, just as Arabs can't completely understand ours. To jump in and take sides in this is a tricky thing. I'm not saying it's not a bad situation, it is. But there are factors no one mentions. There's an old saying which is true: Middle Easterners never forget things that happened even 1,000 years ago. To apply Western ideas to a Middle Eastern occurrence is to be at least partially wrong. I never see anyone suggesting a solution except for the "evil one" (of one side or the other) to be held accountable to the rest of world. All I'm saying is that the situation is horribly bad but a neutral, unbiased solution hasn't been attempted by those on either side.

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No Palestinian Justice,No Israelis Peace,No Biden Arab Muslim vote

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