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Protest in LA


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Not enough context to this story.

How many seniors live in that facility? 113 deaths over the last year in a facility with 5000 people isn't the same as 113 deaths in Jan 2021 in a facility with 250 patients. Need more context.

Appears to be more help than typical senior care facilities. A place where someone with illness or a recent accident needing rehabilitation would go to get more than usual nursing care.

Are COVID vaccines not available for these people? Could this be due to other medical conditions?

http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/acd/nCorona2019/COVID19Facilities.htm says this facility has designated units/floors for people who test positive for COVID. I tried to find more answers my my questions and couldn't.

Can't tell if there is something bad happening that can be helped or not. Need more context.

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I really can't understand this protest. Looking at other news sites, it seems they don't want residents moved from one facility to another. But exactly what the issue is, I don't get.

I noticed though that one of their demands is for "affordable bilingual-bicultural care". I don't know, but I imagine, that America is way ahead of Japan on that one.

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How crazy...lol A protest in English and Japanese, there? The only thing they understand in that region is Spanish or anything else not mentioned, but surely not a single word in English or Japanese.

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They haven't updated their Covid blog in since early last year.

Kei-Ai Los Angeles (286 occupancy) had 99 residents and 59 staff with positive results and 22 deaths. 


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Well, it seems that the facility only houses 275 residents so 113 deaths is a very serious issue.

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