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PS4 finally goes on sale in Japan


Ryo Watanabe, 21, poses with a model gun in front of his PlayStation 4 game console, after being the first in Japan to own the gaming console, during its domestic launch event at the Sony Showroom in Tokyo early Saturday. Sony Corp said it had sold 5.3 million Playstation 4 game consoles as of Feb 8, surpassing its full-year target ahead of its release in Japan, the last country currently scheduled to handle the device.

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Getting mine today! Wooohoooo :)

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All I'm interested in are what kinds of JPN titles will be developed for it. There are very few Western titles I'd be willing to buy. I didn't even think about buying the PS4 even when it was released here first...

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Considering it's a Japanese made console, why did it take so long to be released in Japan?

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Because the initial game lineup was aimed at western audiences, being incredibly violent and FPS heavy. Violent games do sell in Japan, but don't inspire the same level of worship among gamers. Sony felt they needed to 1) be able to blunt the Xbox One in western countries, and 2) have more "Japanese style" games ready for the Japanese launch.

That being said, I'll hold off until they actually have something I want to play on it, because the launch lineup here is STILL incredibly western heavy.

Plus I want a white one.

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What?! What about Watch Dogs and Drive Club?!

Personally, I was extremely disappointed that GT6 wasn't a PS4 launch title. Just makes no sense!

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Considering it's a Japanese made console, why did it take so long to be released in Japan?

Because Japan is not a battleground - PS4 will win Japan no matter when it's released. Plus Japan is becoming more of a handheld market and less a home console market, which is the reverse of the West. Since PS4 is a home console, Sony focused first on the Western front.

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Don't expect a wide selection of games for the PlayStation 4 until around June-July 2014. Game software companies are only now starting to write a wide variety of games that take full advantage of the PlayStation 4 hardware.

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HCKPro: "Violent games do sell in Japan, but don't inspire the same level of worship among gamers."

Utter BS, and let's not forget who designs and produces most of the violent games! Lostrune gives a good explanation of why, and the whole handheld thing and with smart phones and tablets, I won't be buying any more consoles.

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I dont think he is the first... I got my PS4 on February 21st at 22:00 at my local Otaku gamestore. You wont believe how far smooth-talking gets you (even in Japan, sometimes) ;)

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HCKpro is correct. Adventure and RPG games are the best selling genres in Japan. FPS games do much better in America.

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The reason that PS4 was released in US before Japan is simple. Sony wants to win the usa market and make sure they have enough consoles to match demand. As far as Japan is concerned sony could care less about the loyalty of their Japanese fans. They know that Japanese would buy PlayStation over Xbox even if Xbox was cheaper and better just because Japanese only buy Japanese. So sony gave jap fans the shaft. Pretty embarrassing actually being the last country to receive the PS4. Xbox turned out to be worse so its a no brainer for sony either way.

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