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Using elbows is not boxing. I hope he got a firm warning.

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Boxing should be banned.

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Iranian fighting dirty? I didn't see, so it could have been a slip and an honest mistake.

Did catch the Taekwondo match between Columbia and Iran. I'd never seen Taekwondo before in an organized match. Very disappointing. Looked like a game of tag, stop, go, tag, stop, go, tag, stop, go. Yawn. Shouldn't fighting arts actually have ... er ... fighting?

I recall seeing a story about the Iranian Olympic team and their struggles to train when their coaches were out of the country and blocked from entry and how the athletes were self-funding everything due to some political changes in the last year inside Iran.

Boxing should be banned.

Boxing is an art. Like all forms of art, it takes a specific eye to appreciate. Look at it like ballroom dance.

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