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Quake Damage


Fire rises over Odaiba after today's earthquake.

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Wow, this was definitely the worst one I've ever been through. What a terrible experience. I thank God that I survived unscathed.

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Japan will survive through such quakes. If a similar quake hits other neighboring countries, you can see more deadly damages. Construction codes and others preparation have helped Japan standing and growing. Gambarei, Nihon!

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All best wishes to beautiful Japan from Mexico.

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I am sure that All countries and here in Canada wish Japan and all its people the best and our prayers are with you as you recover from this terrible event.

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To the victims, Godspeed. My thoughts and prayers are with the injured, their families, and those who otherwise have received a devastating blow to their livelihoods.

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You are in our thoughts and prayers in time of crisis from USA. Hung in there, more help is on the way.

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Many many hearty condolences and prayers for my poor Japanese friends from India. I remember the moment when these ghost waves hit my place Kerala, south end state of India erupting from Indonesia in 2006.

Dont worry our Indian crew has already offered help to Japan for all support and relief operations. We are one and have only one mind whenever disasters happen to any part ofearth.

Out of 25000 Indians in Japan, i know many people from here who are either studying or working in Tokyo. Many Japanese tourists were here recently. I am seeing only Japanese news here in media's after earthquake.

Hope every one is safe and sound. Prayers to God for no more nature plays. But take care...

Our PM has offered all aid, help and assistance to Japan.

A Japanese lady professor named Takaku who also speaks "malayalam" language of our place Kerala, southend state of India yesterday came in our local news TV channel to describe about this earthquake and her relatives and friends in Japan. She said she couldnt contact anyone and noone is taking any call there in Japan. Her home is in Sendai or Miyagi.

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