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Tokyo Sky Tree mascot Sorakara-chan, left, poses with Michiaki Suzuki, second left, president of Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co, showing a certificate recognizing the 634-meter-tall Tokyo Sky Tree as the world's tallest tower. It was presented by Alistair Richards, second right, managing director of Guinness World Records, and Frank Foley, general manager of Guinness World Records Japan, during a ceremony in Tokyo this week.

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There are about 50 different categories, structures, towers, clock towers... etc...


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Will Tokyo Sky Tree collapse if it doesn't have a mascot?

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I'm really curious to know how many bureaucrats and former Diet members will join Tobu as senior advisors upon retirement from their careers.

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Love the cute character.

Whatever you say about Japan, if one thing is certain... they sure know how to do characters!

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God, there has to be a goofy mascot for everything in Japan.

Then I'm sure someone will make some ero drawings of this mascot as well, like they do all the others.

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vWill Tokyo Sky Tree collapse if it doesn't have a mascot?

Yes because there would be nothing for people to buy when they get there.

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