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Is this an example of the extraordinary precautions olympics organisers are taking to keep the games covid-safe? Looks to me to be violating 2 of the 3 C's.

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I can see the walls in the background which leads me to believe that this is an indoor event. I also don't see the participants wearing masks, so this is not helping Tokyo's fight against the current spike. If there is an increase in infections because of this event, we'll never know it. Just like the marathon fiasco in Sapporo, the powers that be won't link the infection increase to their pre-Olympic event.

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Social distancing much?

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Not the best PR photo bro.

The title is misleading as these are air rifles, therefore the title, "ready, aim, fire" is not correct as there is no fire involved.

Japan is fine and peaceful without guns. Let's keep it that way please.

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I use eye protection with my air gun.

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An example that the LOC understand nothing and takes no particular measures.

oh, i am sure they had hand sanitizer. But not even masks, no distancing, enclosed space.

i agree with the other poster that the Hokkaido test will have contributed at least to the renewed outbreak there and this one has every chance to become a cluster.

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Is a 10mm air rifle something like an overgrown BB gun?

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IIs a 10mm air rifle something like an overgrown BB gun?

You shoot a target 10 meters away. The air rifle is .177 caliber. Commonly called a pellet gun.

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Looks to me to be violating 2 of the 3 C's.

Looks like all 3, to me.

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Damn that is a nasty picture for covid, I think I saw Rambo flee the building!

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Volunteer in green coat. "What happens if I pull on this trigger?" "Bang!" Ah-ahh!!!

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Bach, Suga and Koike's sacrificial lambs.

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