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Ready for battle


Renho, center, leader of the main opposition Democratic Party, talks with other lawmakers at the Upper House before the start of the new Diet session in Tokyo on Monday. As DP leader, Renho will take part in her first question-and-answer session with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday. The Democratic Party has vowed to fight toe-to-toe with the ruling coalition.

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How many people in this picture dye their hair?

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Pointing a finger is considered especially rude in Japan.

-10 ( +7 / -17 )

Good luck to her. Someone needs to put the fascist Abe in his place.

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when the leader of the main opposition only goes by her first name I wouldnt hold out much hope.

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Pointing a finger is considered especially rude in Japan.

That's not absolute. It depends on the circumstance and context. In a case like this where it appears they are both laughing, I doubt it's an issue (of course not being there, I can't say for sure).

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Looking forward to this question and answer session and hope she will keep on pointing!

Me too.

Good luck to her. Someone needs to put the fascist Abe in his place.


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Why on earth does that matter?

10 ( +11 / -1 )

Why on earth does that matter?

It doesn't, but they look for any reason they can to smear her.

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Good luck to her. Someone needs to put the fascist Abe in his place.

We can hope so. It would be funny though, since Abe is against women in the government and then just for show appoints a few women in to the diet to which he might lose. Probably didn't see that one coming.

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Same goes for most people here with Abe. No tag backs only applies to kids games.

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"Pointing a finger is considered especially rude in Japan."

It appears everyone is laughing in this photo.

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"smear her"? So now Im pro-LDP?

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Good pic for the eikaiwa class: draw a couple of speech bubbles over the three people and ask, 'What are they saying?'

That might lead to discussion about the point of the point.

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She looks hot and feisty in this pic. Hope she can get in Shinchan's over-privileged face and give Japan a genuine opposition force.

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Pointing a finger is considered especially rude in Japan. that one line says a lot about what you think about Renho . also its not like Japanese dont point. I saw Aso point to a foreign minister of another country not long ago. Its Ok for a Japanese to do it to a gaijin but not another Japanese? by the way Renho is a Japanese citizen and a woman

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So, a Taiwanese, using her first name, pointing her fingers.......seems like her critics' smear are getting lamer. Btw, didn't Abe point at Erdogan recently?

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"Ah see you pal, you want some an' all?"

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

By considering the support of the smashing majority for this woman in here it becomes quite clear that the adjective 国賊 fits well for her and her gang. After all, the foreigners are the most interested and beneficiaries of minshutou's politics of selling Japan both in economics and soul untill Japan becomes no longer Japan.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

She seems like a tough cookie when dishing out questions, but can she do anything constructive?

0 ( +2 / -2 )

@Bertie: Good luck to her. Someone needs to put the fascist Abe in his place.

I am no fan of Abe, but how is he a fascist? You have been spilling poison on him and what he does for years now and nobody has arrested you for your anti-government stance. He has been traveling a lot overseas and as a result has had the name in Japan put in the main media of every country he visited for good reasons... There is no procecution of minorities in Japan (despite the fact that they still face prejudice) and the state still maintaines the principles of free speech (at least those who want to speak freely are welcome to do it, just like you.)

@Kato Kushiro

Even though she gets a lot of support the party she leads is still a very long way from being able to rule the country. They showed their incompetence when they got the support of the majority of Japanese several years ago and just blew up the opportunity to change anything they said they would. A joke of a political "power" This is not what "the main opposition party" should be.

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JaneM. When the DPJ were at the helm he bureaucrats deliberately failed the DPJ rather than the DPJ failing in governing. Remember, they tried changing the system such that the DPJ was going to be responsible for formulating policy and the bureaucrats just had to do the paper work just like it was and is done in some countries rather than the LDP system were the bureaucrats are responsible for formulating policy and the lawmakers are just there to pass them. The DPJ tried cutting waste in gov't and bureaucrats were grilled in those hearings that were aired to the public and that didn't sit well with bureaucrats as well. The DPJ had good intentions that I think if had been given enough time and the bureaucrats didn't sabotage would have yielded dividends All the waste that were shelved by the DPJ had long been reinstated after they lost power Lowering toll during weekends and certain hours of the day was also a good policy that led to increased long distance sightseeing trips and spending. Since the LDP took back the reins tolls have increased instead. I no longer think of travelling long distance domestically with my family, I am sure it is the case with other families.

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its nice to dream but remember, politicians in japan are all part of a big bs club. Nothing will change even should er, "Renho" come to power ( very slim chance for the next 50 years, btw).

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when the leader of the main opposition only goes by her first name I wouldnt hold out much hope

When Ronald Reagan visited, and Abe's mentor Nakasone was PM it was "Ron and Yasu!"

They were even selling souvenir RON/YASU manju.

I kid you not.

Just as soon as you think you've got Japan sussed, you're back to square one!

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TsuchifumazuSEP. 27, 2016 - 07:10AM JST

Pointing a finger is considered especially rude in Japan.

The finger is called hitosashiyubi 人差し指 "person-pointing finger" for good reason.

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"sussed" ??

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suss |səs| informal, chiefly Brit. verb (susss, sussing, sussed) [ with obj. ] realize; grasp: he's sussed it | [ with clause ] : she sussed out right away that there was something fishy going on.

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In two sentences. Finger pointing is a way people distract others from things they are doing by refocusing the attention of others. Sometimes finger pointing is used to punctuate an important point or even to instigate an emotional rebuttal.

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