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Ready for Christmas


A shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, gets an early start for Christmas.

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Its not even Halloween yet!

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In the Philippines, the Christmas season kicks off on September 1, which marks the start of the “-ber” months.

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I'm wondering where I'll be getting a decent sized real tree this Christmas...

National Azabu have already confirmed that they won't be getting a shipment of trees this year due to labour shortage in the US.

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Halloween only marks the start for putting up public christmas decorations. (Literally, and very punctually: I witnessed a public christmas tree put up on Oct 31 ... at midnight.)

Shops usually start way earlier. Nitori has christmas decorations on shelf since mid-September

sheesh. that's crazy

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Western calender is more popular in Asia than in West. Eveything is way ahead and all for business but humanity is lacking when it needs it.

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This jumping the season is insane. This year I noticed "Back to School" merchandise promoted before classes had recessed for the summer. The underbelly of capitalism and commercialism.

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