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Unfortunately because the Commander, US Forces Japan has not put out clear guidance to all US bases, leaving each base commander to figure it out on their own. While personnel aboard NAS Atsugi are pretty much in total lockdown, with anyone going on or off base must have certification from the command for their trip, just a few miles away, US Army Camp Zama has almost no measures employed.

Seems the generals and admirals are following their CiC's lead. No concise and coordinated leadership, therefore avoiding personal blame later.

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No concise and coordinated leadership, therefore avoiding personal blame later.

As a civilian I'm disappointed but not surprised to hear that. The messages I get from the Commander in Chief are hard to understand and sometimes conflict with what was said in the days before and even the sentence before.

Thank you U.S. Marine Corps Pfc. Fernando Luna Simental and all others serving on the frontlines of this battle. I have the utmost respect for you and all corpsmen, medics, doctors, nurses, their backups, anyone and everyone on the frontlines.

It sounds like once again there's a disconnect between frontline troops, and those in the rear with the gear, and those sitting in comfortable desks in DC.

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Ken, that is simply not true.

There is plenty of information and guidance Commander, US Forces Japan has posted.

The key message is to be flexible as this situation changes, practice social distancing, stay out of the bars & restaurants etc.

Here is the link for more information:


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@Ken: I think you are totally wrong. Zama has stopped all non-ID holding people from entering. Therefore no English lessons, shopping, parties etc. for Japanese nationals cozying up with Americans for base access, shopping etc. They are doing a good job.

Canned goods, toilet paper, and cleaners were being wiped out by Japanese nationals and it had to be stopped. The mission is to protect and serve, not to supply the general populous with cheap goods from America for the troops, families and support personnel. US troops, familie and state department people come first.

The commanders are all doing a great job.

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Why were soldiers in full uniform shopping at Zama costco,If civilians cant go into the base ?

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