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Japan Airlines (JAL) President Yoshiharu Ueki, center, receives documents of airworthiness directive, on the company's Boeing Co's 787 Dreamliner plane, from Akihiko Tamura, left, Civil Aviation Bureau director-general, at the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry in Tokyo on FRiday. The Japanese government on Friday issued approval for the grounded aircraft to resume flight. Standing at right is All Nippon Airways (ANA) Co's President Osamu Shinobe.

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Tut,tut; bad decision not supported by the facts which grounded the plane in the first place. With the root-cause still unknown and unresolved, the fixes just mask the original problem. Within two years this decision will be regeted!!

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Within two years this problem will have been forgotten about.

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I'm sure all the bowing and reverent behavior will make the burning battery problem mystically go away.

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I have always hated seeing these kinds of moments on TV. It is not enough to do the story. You have to have video of one old man bowing to another old man. Such a fake moment for all concerned.

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The safety of the 787 passengers has been ignored. I will do my best to avoid this aircraft.

Sounds like Japanese passengers will be used as a Genea Pig while Boeing still cannot come up with a true cause of the 787 failures.

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Ready to fly but nobody smiling in this picture.

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The Boeing 737, in all its variations, has had rudder issues. That has not kept it from being the most popular airliner in the world. The Airbus A330 has had pitot/static issues, but is one of the most popular wide-bodies. The MD-11 can be a mofo to land, but that did not keep people from flying on it. The A380 had cracks in the wings. Lots of people still fly on it.

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"Thank you for the padded envelope, Mr. Ueki".

Moderator: Please do not post rubbish like this.

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"Come fry with me, let's fry, let's fry away.." What's that smell? Is something burning? Can I get off please?

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Were all those issues dealt with by putting a fire-proof box around them (and hoping for the best)?

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Were all those issues dealt with by putting a fire-proof box around them (and hoping for the best)?

As a matter of fact, yes. [/sarcasm]

Some of the aircraft issues have been resolved for the most part (737 rudder hard over). Some could not be "fixed" (MD-11 landing difficulty, MD-80 horizontal stab jackscrew). The A330 pitot static issues are still not solved, and that is a much larger danger than a battery fire. All of these aircraft are still flying.

The 787 battery problem is a concern, but not enough of one to warrant further grounding of the fleet. The "fix" is the best possible solution. Not only is the battery enclosed, but the charge and discharge cycles have been altered.

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Hm. So I guess it wasn't certified for airworthiness before... well, that explains everything.

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All planes have issues it is a part of life. This causes no accidents and little damage to one plane. A 747 full of people blows up but they are still flying. If it worries you then do not fly in one.

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