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Newly manufactured Honda cars await export at a port in Yokohama on Tuesday.

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Just like rush hour on the LIE.

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Ready to roll ...no recall please (?!)

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Nice they still make so many in Jaoan.

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Nice they still make so many in Japan. they certainly would be if the yen was at 80~90yen/$1

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All I see in this picture is a lot of future waste and rising emissions. Why not have some pictures of beautiful nature and not its degradation caused by selfish human nature.

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Honda is a great manufacturer and were incredibly successful at the pinnacle of motorsport too. Great to see such a huge demand for their products.

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No difference to the Nissan manufacturing facilities in Dandenong, Victoria, in Australia decades ago when I was a student. Manufacturing is an obsolete process within developed countries due to increasing labour costs. Welcome global manufacturing logistics.

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Most of those are Honda Fit/Jazz models--probably to be sold in southeastern Asia in addition to the production from Honda's Thailand facility.

I myself drive the current model Honda Fit, but my car--a North American model--is assembled at Honda's new assembly line in Celeya, Mexico.

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Nice they still make so many in Japan. they certainly would be if the yen was at 80~90yen/$1

Most of Honda's North American car production is made in North America. Toyota is pretty much the same. Even Porsche and Mercedes makes a good chunk of their cars in North America.

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