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Reclining Buddha


A temple maiden, left, and a visitor walk past a 16-meter, 30-ton bronze statue of a reclining Buddha at Jorakuzan Mantokuji temple in Tateyama, east of Tokyo. It is said a believer can fulfill his or her dream by touching the foot of the statue after going around it three times clockwise.

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That Buddha has got that reclining stuff down pat.

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I wonder the translation "reclining Buddha" is correct or not. The image is known as Buddha death which falls on Feb. 15 and memorial services are held at many places.

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Why not say it's in Chiba (Minami-Boso to be exact)? Why is everything "east, west, north, south of Tokyo"? Don't they want to give props to Chiba?

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Another reason to go to Chiba one day!

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Needs a good cleaning.

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anyone know if it's near a station? If so, what's the station?

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@ Schopenhauer, all Buddha statues throughout the world are described by their posture - standing, sitting/seated or reclining. And, yes, reclining Buddha is usually Buddha close to death.

I'm not into superstitions, but if a benign ritual helps to cement a positive mind-state, do it.

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I didn't know about this temple. Very cool. Shame the women are called 'maidens', though (or translated that way. Now, my question is is the guy praying to the temple or praying for the girl? Either way, I guess praying while you're walking is killing two birds with one stone.

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"I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: two vast and trunkless legs of stone....

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That clockwise stuff is something else in Tibet. You cannot walk the other way, even if it is a step in the opposite direction.

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DenTok2009 You can find the directions here.

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Great photo

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Thanks JapanGal! The link you provided is a good one. It gives the train, train station, bus and admission fee.

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It is said a believer can fulfill his or her dream by touching the foot of the statue after going around it three times clockwise.

My grand mother used to do this...

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I have been there. My wish did not come true. hahaha

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/After an entire life devoted to teaching. Buddha died and entered Nirvana Non never reborn. This is often symbolized with Panmrvana asana in which Buddha appears reclined.

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I'm going to retire in Tateyama. Great little town. Been to the reclining budda many times. It's at the top of a very steep hill. They offer free walking sticks for those who might need them.

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