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People are reflected on a pond as they stroll through Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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This is a beautiful, well designed and well-maintained garden with classically clipped trees offering some lovely views for your camera if you go when it isn't busy. You can walk round it virtually on Google Maps.

Many Tokyo gardens have the odd tall building in the background, but this has some very large ones. I think one is the Tokyo WTC, another the HQ of Tokyo Gas. This doesn't spoil your photos as much as you might think - just get your angles right. You get used to this sort of thing quite quickly. What might seem incongruous to the purist soon becomes a theme if you snap the old and new Japan side-by-side.

As well as the flora (the blossom is nice) and views, there are friendly carp and (when I was there, some time ago) a large number of turtles, basking on the rocks, amongst the exotic ducks.

Don't forget to check out the Little Peeing Monk Statue on Hamamatsuchō Station.

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