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Remembering JAL crash


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The lanterns look beautiful.

May those who died in this crash rest in peace.

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"Ue wo mu-u-ite... kanashimi wa..." 安らかに眠る。

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Me too! I remember the singer Kyu Sakamoto, who died in this crash. Really love his music. He was famous for the song called "Sukiyaki" in English, and 上を向いて歩こう in Japanese. He was only 43. I'm 42, and I just can't imagine this.

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All caused by a botched repair by Boeing. Compounded by Japanese authorities calling off the USAF who were hovering over the site so the Japanese rescue teams could go in. By the time they got there, almost all of the survivors had perished.


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This is “Interesting”:

A navigator stationed at Yokota Air Base published an account in 1995 that stated that the U.S. military had monitored the distress calls and prepared a search-and-rescue operation that was aborted at the call of Japanese authorities. A U.S. Air Force C-130 crew was the first to spot the crash site 20 minutes after impact, while it was still daylight, and radioed the location to the Japanese and Yokota Air Base, where an Iroquois helicopter was dispatched.[18] An article in the Pacific Stars and Stripes from 1985 stated that personnel at Yokota were on standby to help with rescue operations, but were never called by the Japanese government.[19]

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Deeply sad, Kyu Sakamoto’s Sukiyaki is one of my wife’s favourites.

The failings of the Japanese governments response in not using the offered resources and the consequent unnecessary deaths is well known.

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