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Remembering Tohoku


Lanterns from the tsunami-hit city of Natori in Miyagi Prefecture are illuminated during an event to pray for the reconstruction of areas devastated by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and mourn victims of the disaster, at the Canadian embassy in Tokyo on Thursday night.

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May the victims rest in peace, and their loved ones be comforted.

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Five years ago we took a heavy toll of human lives in Tohoku and we never forget that.

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Beautiful picture, and sad.

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We will never forget. bless the poor souls who are gone and those who have lost everything.

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There are people still living in shelters. Let's remember them.

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Solemn, and yet a beautiful picture. Let's sincerely pray that the victims' souls may rest in peace. Hope those who lost their loved ones will get over a tough situation in any way and keep going.

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Students from my classes participated in this, its beautiful to see their drawings and messages come to life like this! Bless the souls of the departed, and may peace and stability come to those who have lost everything.

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May all those lost rest in peace

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