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Gravestones stand in a cemetery near pine trees, part of a breakwater forest, that survived the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, near Arahama beach in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

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That looks desolate. Half expect to see zombies or similar lurching out of the woods.

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I have been to Arahama before and after the Tsunami, the wall of pine trees was such a nice view before; only by passing them could you feel you are close to the ocean! The city is totally flat now and the pine tree wall is mainly gone. I really like the fact that they are not rebuilding over there and in other Tsunami flattened regions (because they are vulnerable).

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what's this JT? a halloween picture?

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Sad, solemn picture

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I urge posters to show respect for this moving and very meaningful photograph. Lets honour the events of that time and be courteous.

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A 5 to 7 minute drive from my desk.

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Yep, and the J-Gov has the nerve to spend a quarter of the funds for reconstruction on none-related expenses like, whale killing. The have spent a quarter 'so far'! The whale killing season will be on us again very soon and no doubt they will be dipping into reconstruction funds again.

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Ishinomaki. Home of a number of whaling ships. Destroyed in the 2011 tsunami.

Supporting the whaling industry of Tohoku is supporting the reconstruction of Tohoku.

Which is neither relevant to this extremely sombre reminder of what happened nor comparable to the other ways in which money has been misspent.

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It is a sobering picture. So many people died the cemetary would cover all the land we see. The lonely pine trees are an exclamation point to the devistation.

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