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Good luck, current official usually is not easily being challenged.

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One energetic lady, good luck!

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I hope Renho injects new modern political thinking into Tokyo gubernatorial election race 

Judging from the size of those loudhailers/speakers, her chosen audience thought out Tokyo's 14 urban hubs and beyond will be able to hear that message load and clear

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It's so disadvantageous to Renho.

Mentioning about deception, falsehood, corruption, discrimination or harassment against poverty of present governor Koike are taboo among major TV channels at Tokyo from before official election campaign, most TV commentators who news shows use are "pro-Koike" "anti-Renho".

Besides, after beginning of official election campaign, all broadcasting stations are under "regulation" that must spend same time for all candidates, and now No channels can broadcast even summary of 8 years of Koike metropolitan politics until end of vote.

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