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Rescue drill


Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force soldiers descend from a helicopter with ropes during an annual training session near Mount Fuji at Higashifuji training field in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Thursday. The SDF are training to conduct rescue and military escort missions during U.N. peacekeeping operations abroad.

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Looks like nearly a century old helicopter is being rescued.

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Can't wait to see the JGSDF Ospreys soon.

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It seems that war history repeats again and again. Probably human's destiny.

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The Chinook has been a great workhorse for over 50 years...but it is dated and very vulnerable now. Where are the Ospreys?

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Wheres that pokemon? Go go go

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why don,t just hover at 1 meter so you could just hope off 4 at a time with no waiting, i really don,t understand this sort of disembarking. it takes more time to throw out the ropes and waiting for your turn. you could drop off the crew and away before have 4 personal on the ground using this method. I realise that there is a big shift it balance embarking in a faster manner but a decent pilot would be more then capable in normal conditions

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Good question.

But the picture doesn't really tell the whole story. They are just practicing but in reality this is generaly used when individuals are trying to get at a place where a helicopter would have difficulty landing such as a ship or a roof top.

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The term Peace Keeping always makes me wonder if it was coined by Edward Bernays the man behind a lot of todays propaganda double speak. He is the guy who came up with the idea of changing the term Department of War to the Department of Defense.

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